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Our Mission

The National Veterans Hockey League (NVHL) was created in order to give all Veterans a fun and exciting way for them to interact with their fellow Veterans.  The sport of hockey bolsters comradery and friendships amongst players. As Veterans, it is our duty and responsibility to look out for our brothers and sisters.  With the ever-growing threat of Veteran Suicide, hockey is a way to help prevent and lower the total number. On average there are 22 Veteran Suicides a day. 22!!  That is too many of our brothers and sisters who lose the battle to their inner demons. 

What if there was a way to help? An alternative or something to occupy their time and attention... By giving a Veteran a purpose and something to be passionate about.  The NVHL is just the thing to help our Veterans heal from the wounds of battle field.

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.   All Donations and Gifts are 100% tax deductible.

All donations that are received are passed on to our teams to use for Uniform Purchases, Ice Rentals, Equipment and Travel Expenses.

Our Vision

The NVHL includes all Veterans in our league. Originally it was setup as the USA Hockey Warrior Hockey Discipline which only included Veterans with a 10% or greater VA Disability rating. It was decided that wasn't enough and that all Veterans should be able to participate in a hockey program.  


The National Veterans Hockey League (NVHL) was incorporated on 25 May 2017 to be inclusive of all Veterans.  The idea behind the National Veterans Hockey League was to strengthen the groups that were already covered by USA Hockey, Disabled Sled Hockey, and Warrior Hockey and add a third classification Veteran Hockey.  As the Parent Organization of the 3 separate leagues: Veteran League, Warrior League, *Battle-Scared League (Sled Hockey).


With this format laid out we can then determine the factors that are required to participate in each of the leagues.


To Be Eligible for the Veteran League you will need to have one of the below listed items:


  • Active Duty Military ID
  • Guard/Reserved Military ID
  • Retired Military ID
  • DD214 (With an Honorable or Other than Honorable Designation)


The Participants of the Veteran League are also able to play in the USA Hockey Warrior Classic and Warrior Cup Game (Warrior Cup still being designed and created).


To Be Eligible for the Warrior League you will need to have one of the below listed items:


  • Purple Heart.
  • VA rating of 10% or greater.
  • Medically discharged from active, reserves or National Guard.
  • Veterans with disabilities that are the result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service.
  • Post-service disabilities that are considered related or secondary to disabilities occurring in service and for disabilities presumed to be related to circumstances of military service, even though they may arise after service.
  • Any Veteran with a disability that did not occur during Military Service and meets discharge eligibility.


The Participants of the Warrior League are also able to play in the USA Hockey Warrior Classic and USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival Annually.


To Be Eligible for the Battled-Scared League (Sled Hockey) you will need to have one of the below listed items:

  • Any of the above listed Requirements.
  • Missing Limbs
  • Spinal Injuries.


The Participants of the Battle-Scared League are also able to play in the USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival Annually.


Over the last year the NVHL has worked with people all around the United States that have shown interest in growing our league. The NVHL assisted with the establishment of the Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey Team and we are currently in talks with several teams from MN, MI, NY, IL and TX to name a few. 



Capital Beltway Warriors Hockey Team

The National Veterans Hockey League was formed in May of 2017 by Chad Reesey, of the Johnstown Chiefs, formerly of the Capital Beltway Warriors.    Chad was first invited to play with the Capital Beltway Warriors on a cold day in March of 2017 for a USA Hockey free learn to skate day.    It had been many years since Chad had been on skates, so this was an exciting day.  Perhaps hilarious for some.  After skating and talking with some of the veterans that were playing on the team and learning about the USA Hockey Warrior Discipline, Chad started to think about what could be done to help make the program larger and get more folks involved. 


After a Few weeks of thinking and researching it was determined that the Warrior Hockey Discipline was great, but it limited the reach to only a select group of individuals.    The program needed to be improved to encompass ALL Veterans.   So, after careful consideration and thought it was decided that the NVHL would be started.


After laying out the Corporate Structure of the NVHL in May of 2017.  The Domain name was purchased. The NVHL was approved by the State of Virginia as a Non-Profit Corporation on 13 May 2017 and on 15 May 2017 Documents were filed with the state of Virginia for a Non-Profit Corporation.  On 25 May 2017 the State of Virginia Approved the National Veterans Hockey League for Business.  


Our Current Teams:

  • Johnstown Chiefs
  • Peoria Iron Sights



Our hope is to continue to grow.




Get In Touch

9308 Route 403 HWY S.
Seward, PA 15954-9320


National Veterans Hockey League Sponsors

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